AdvoCare Products on the Golf Course

With Spring upon us, many of us will spend our weekends hitting the links at a nearby golf course. So while you’re cleaning your spikes and hitting the range, don’t forget about taking a few nutritional steps toward a better game. Here are some key AdvoCare products to have on-hand while you’re aiming for the fairways.At the course:

Proper nutritional preparation starting a couple hours before you tee off can be a big help. See the AdvoCare Performance Elite Timeline for tips on that. But once you’re at the course, there are a few key products that can help you play your best:

  • Before you tee off: Slam your favorite flavor of SPARK Energy Drink about 15 minutes before you dig in at the first tee box. You’ll obviously need the energy for your round, but the neuroactives actually help support your focus. And we all know golf is a mental sport.
  • Watch out for the sun: Protect your face with Daily Protective Moisturizer with SPF 15. It’s not greasy like most sunblocks, and it will definitely do the trick.
  • Stay hydrated: As Spring turns into Summer, the heat will take its toll. Have several packets of Rehydrate ready and shake it up in a bottled water.
  • Gear up for the Back 9: Once your half-way through with your round, you might start feeling it a little in your muscles. Down a Muscle Fuel as you step up to the 10th hole and give your muscles the fuel they need to stay on top for the whole game.*
  • Lunch, anyone?: 18 holes can take a little while to get through, and the cart girl doesn’t always have the most nutritious options for a good lunch. Keep a few AdvoCare bars on-hand to chew on during the day, such as the Fruit & Fiber Bar or a Meal Replacement Bar. The protein and balanced calories will do just the trick.
  • Finish Strong: After sinking your last putt on the 18th, quickly chug down a Post-Workout Recovery shake. It’s unique formula helps enhance the muscle recovery process.

At home that night:
Many of us pay for a day at the golf course later that night. The aches and pains in our back, shoulders and legs can sometimes be more than we bargained for. Here are a few products that might help lighten the load:

  • Sore back and shoulders: Rub a little SootheX on your back before going to bed. It’ll do wonders for pain relief . . . just be sure to wash your hands after using it.
  • Blisters: It’s hard to make it through a full round without a blister or two. Many people use Vitamin C Reparative to help enhance the healing process of your skin.
  • Ultimate recovery: Before you go to sleep, don’t forget your Nighttime Recovery. Your body’s natural recovery process is at its peak while you sleep, and this product helps make the most of that process.

Got tips and tricks on how you use AdvoCare products while hitting the links? Share them with us in the comments section below.


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