The Importance of Warming Up Before Exercising

To get that flat tummy and 6 pack abs you are pursuing, you will need to implement proper warm up and muscle stretching.
 Important: Please consult your doctor before doing any fitness routine, especially if you have heart, high blood pressure, lung conditions etc.
 A gradual warm up is very important before any exercise routine. We should not confuse warm up with stretching.
The difference between warming up and stretching?

 Warm up – increases your heart rate and it brings blood to and increases your tissue temperature. When your tissues are warmed up, you can then do stretching. It will be more effectively and safely.
 Stretching – Helps to loosen the joints and helps with flexibility and strength. It is important to warm up and then stretch before exercising and can help prevent injuries. It will also reduce muscle soreness.
Safety Tips

 * It is import to always make sure that your body is properly warmed up before you participate with any exercise or strenuous activity.
 * If you encounter any discomfort or pain rather consult a medical practitioner.
 * It is a good idea to stretch at the end of your warm-up and after you are finished exercising, to help prevent stiff and sore muscles.
 * Avoid stretching of cold muscle(s), since it can lead to injuries.
 * Proper posture is always good to have. A awkward back angle or position can cause discomfort.
 * Drink water to avoid dehydration.
How to warm up:
 Gradually increasing your heart rate, body temperature and breathing rate. When your body is warmed up you will begin to feel warm and start to sweat. Start the warm up lightly and gradually increase the intensity.
 Your joints also need to be warmed up. Try jumps, knee lifts, squats, trunk rotations, bending, arm circles and side steps.
 Warm up for approximately 10 min.
How to stretch:
 * A stretch should be done after a warm up, because the muscles will still be cold.
 * Focus on the muscles that you will be using.
 Stretch for approximately 5 min.
 After you have done a proper warm up and stretching routine you can now start training the muscles you want to focus on. In our case it will be the abdominal muscles.
 As we can see that proper warm up and stretching are important, to get a sexy flat stomach and six pack abs.


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