Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Hypnosis (or hypnotherapy in medical terminology) refers to a therapeutic technique involving the use of suggestions made to a person when he/she is in an altered state of consciousness, in order to bring about positive changes in that person thinking and behavior on the conscious level and thereby treat a range of health conditions. During hypnosis the therapist interacts with the inner consciousness of the patient to pinpoint the core emotional/physical issues that may be causing problems. The therapist then uses suggestions to make changes at the deep subconscious level, which manifest themselves as positive behavioral changes on the conscious level. Get that connection between weight loss and hypnosis now?

When it comes to food, it is no fun to be on your guard against it all the time. It happens repeatedly; you are craving for those delicious forbidden foods (perhaps because you find a certain comfort level with them), and even before you can remind yourself of their ill effects, it is too late! The fiends are already in doing their bit. And you are already on a guilt trip because of your wayward behavior. Sometimes, no amount of conscious effort and willpower helps when it comes to denying yourself the pleasures of eating comfort foods. That is where hypnosis comes to your rescue.

Hypnosis enables weight loss without you having to battle with your cravings and hunger all the time, without having to go through the anguish of denying yourself. Hypnosis facilitates the success of your weight loss plan by changing your mindset on the conscious level; not via the conscious route but by continually feeding positive thoughts into your subconscious mind, by changing your mindset inside out, by reprogramming the way your subconscious mind feels about food. As a result of weight loss hypnosis, the most impossible-seeming diet plan becomes possible to follow because you no longer share the same relationship with food that you did earlier.

With weight loss hypnosis, the healthy lifestyle and diet choices will feel more satisfying and joyful. The signals from the subconscious part of your brain may even start making positive changes on the cellular level. Your cellular memory will get reprogrammed and will start responding to positive thoughts, leading to self-healing from within. The conflict between your wants and goals will be resolved. That is what you call: think healthy, be healthy.

Almost anyone with an open mind to try out an alternative weight loss method can benefit from hypnosis. Obviously, weight loss through hypnosis alone is not going to magically transform your body; it is just going to open yet another avenue in your weight loss program and facilitate its success. It will make your weight loss process mentally and emotionally effortless. So continue with your routine exercise regimen along with weight loss hypnosis.

The following are the benefits achieved by weight loss hypnosis:

* Kills your desire to overeat and reduces your cravings for unhealthy foods.
* Gives a strong feeling of self-empowerment, boosts your self-esteem and confidence, and induces positive thinking.
* Lends you a positive self-image.
* Reduces stress levels.
* Can reveal a past incidence that may have triggered your weight gain.

To achieve weight loss through hypnosis, you can either take the help of a professional hypnotherapist or use one of the weight loss hypnosis CDs easily available online to hypnotize your way to weight loss all by yourself.

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