AdvoCare MNS Kits

Advocare MNS Kits represent the best overall solution for noticeable weight loss and energy.*

Each kit contains a 14-day supply of key products to start you on a well-rounded routine toward better health.*

1.  Choose your preferred Metabolic Nutrition System strip packs (Maximum Energy or Maximum Appetite Control) to set the stage for metabolic nutrition.

2. Start your day with a tasty Meal Replacement Shake (vanilla, chocolate and berry flavors) to receive a high-protein meal in this well-balanced, low-calorie shake that helps build your muscles, not your fat.

3.  Finally, add ADVOCARE SPARK Energy Drink (fruit punch, mandarin orange, cherry,  citrus and grape flavors) for the long-lasting energy and mental focus to keep you active and alert throughout the day.*

When combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, MNS Kits help jump-start your weight loss and get you on the right track for better health and wellness.* If you’re looking for the best way to incorporate core AdvoCare products into your life, you’ve found it with the MNS Kits.


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