Spark is Back

We spent a really wierd three weeks in my house, with no Spark.  I realize that most people would think just drink coffeeor soda insread.  Or even run to the store and supplement with a Red Bull or Ampr or 5 Hour Energy Shot to compensate.  But I am a purest and I just couldn’t get excited about an energy drink that didn’t taste good and had a hard crash.  So I had to settle for something else.  And that ended up being nothing.  Once my AdvoCare Spark and Slam ran out, I began running on empty.  I found that by the afternoon I was too tired to work or write.  Making dinner was like walking through fog.  And by the third week, I couldn’t wake up when my alarm went off.  Now maybe this just means that I was drinking an excewssive amount of AdvoCare product, but I was one tired and lazy puppy.  Thankfully my Spark and Jingle Slam arrived yesterday and once again I can function!  Yeah, AdvoCare!


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