How I Added One product to my AdvoCare Regime and Doubled My Weight Loss Speed

How I added one product to my AdvoCare regimen and doubled my weight loss speed.
Sometimes the best things in life are the easiest. Not free, in my case, but easy. You know me. You know that I’ve been using AdvoCare products for the last three years and have lost over 70 pounds.

Well let me tell you what I’ve done.

In addition to my regular AdvoCare products:
MNS Max 3
MNS Meal Replacement Shakes
and twice a year Herbal Cleanse

I’ve added one non-AdvoCare product. hCG (Human Corionic Gonadotropin). Taken under the tongue, these nearly flavorless drops help to flush bad fat out of the system and protect organs by maintaining good fat around them. I can’t begin to tell you what has happened in just TWO DAYS.

I dropped 7 pounds. And I’m not subscribing to the 500 calorie diet that most hCG diet mongers tell you to do eating nothing but chicken and lettuce and onions for weeks and weeks on end with an apple thrown in every day for “variety”. No way.

I still put creamer in my coffee. I have my meal replacement shakes. I had fried rice from Chinese take out last night. I snuck yogurt into my shake this morning. The weight just keeps coming off.

Before adding hCG I had plateaued at about 213. Wavered from 213 to 217 and back and forth. But couldn’t get any lower. I was trying everything I knew to do.

Then I added hCG and within 48 hours I was at 210. I haven’t weighed 210 since I was pregnant with my now 16 year old and that was fairly early on in my pregnancy.

I am so happy I could just dance. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for information on how you can pull this off, too.


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