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Easy Health and Beauty Shopping

April 1, 2009

I spend a LOT of time online.  And I do a lot of my shopping online.  It saves time and money.  The better I’ve become at bargain shopping, the more excited I get about shopping online. 

One of my newest favorite shipping sites is Wiki or Shop Wiki.  There wide selection of health and beauty products makes online shopping a breeze and saves me a trip to my local big box store.  One of the coolest things about the Shop Wiki site is that its more than just a link to items I need to buy.  There is a cosmetics guide to help me select brands and colors that suit me best.  I’ve learned more on there in a short period of time than any Mary Kay or Beauticontrol party I’ve ever attended.

The other really cool tool on the Shop Wiki site is the hair care guide.  Once I started going to discount hair salons like Great Clips, etc. I lost my great one on one relationship with a stylist who really understood my thick wavy hair.  The Shop Wiki hair care guide has helped me discover new ways to condition and style without drying out the tangled mess I already have to work with.    Let’s face it.  Most of us still need all the help we can get.