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My AdvoCare Weight Loss Story

April 16, 2009

I wanted to share just a little bit about my AdvoCare weight loss story with you all, my wonderful customers and friends and readers. I know we all turn to AdvoCare for different needs. But for those of you interested in losing weight and or gaining muscle, I think you’ll enjoy this story.

When I found AdvoCare I weighed about 280 pounds. As a 5’7″ female, that was grossly overweight. As a result of my weight, I didn’t have enough energy. But I wasn’t concerned with losing weight, I just wanted to drink Spark, because it helped me have enough energy to get through my day. I was drinking 1-2 Sparks a day, and began to lose a little weight. Not more really than just enough to see on the scales. It wasn’t like I was out buying a whole new wardrobe. Then AdvoCare released a product called Thermoplus, which was designed to increase your metabolism, but the distributors who test marketed eat said it was like a supplemental energy product. So I ordered a bottle of Thermoplus with my next Spark order. And the weight started to come off a little bit faster.

Mind you, I spent 12+ hours per day in front of a computer, so it wasn’t like I was power training or anything.

Then I went to Success School a few years ago. At Success School I began to be educated about the whole family of products and the numerous ways that I could improve my health and my life just by incorporating them into my daily life. I started to see the vision of people who had lost weight. A LOT of weight. I thought I could maybe be one of those people some day. I started using the MNS 14 day weight loss packs which included my vitamins, meal replacement shakes, and of course Spark. In addition to that I utilized the Thermoplus. And I began to add a few products from the wellness line and the performance elite line. Joint Promotion relieved a lifelong ache in my knees and my ankles so that I was able to get up from in front of the computer and off the couch to get a little exercise. And we are talking a very little. My initial goal was to walk from my house to the stop sign and back. That was two tenths of a mile each way. And it was hard at first. The reason I set the stop sign as my goal, is that portion of the road is a simple incline and decline. At the stop sign either way I turned I had to go up and down steeper hills.

I also began to take Muscle Gain before any times that I was going to exercise and Night Time Recovery any time that I pushed my body farther than I thought it could go and was worried that I would be sore the next day. For example, I got mad at a tree in my yard that was shading my day lilly bed and preventing the flowers from blooming. I thought about taking that tree down for weeks! Finally I did – with a hack saw! Crazy approach, I know. But a real sign of how AdvoCare was changing my life.

At nearly 38 years of age, I also added in AdvoCare’s Fem 20 vitamin supplement and Amplify A.T. an energy boosting supplement. I probably waited too late in life for Fem 20, but couldn’t bring myself to switch to Fem 40+. Now that I am 40, I am still struggling. I do take the CorePlex supplement, anytime that I’m not using my MNS strips or complete kit. Amplify AT on the other hand was like putting my Spark on hyper-drive. My energy was longer sustained, and I felt like getting out and moving around. In fact so much so, that I took up horseback riding again after a ten year hiatus.

And I didn’t just start riding, I joined a mounted drill team and with my AdvoCare income, purchased two un-broke horses to train. Today, my core product line includes a supplement, Spark, and Amplify AT. I do like AdvoCare’s adaptogen product, A-Supreme, but because it has to be refrigerated and my lifestyle has become more active, I have a harder time incorporating that into my life. Flast forward to 2009. I had my first spark on a camping trip nearly six years ago and weighed nearly 280 pounds.

Today I still drink Spark every day. But I weigh 206 pounds! Its been a very slow and steady process for me, but I am well on my way to being below 200 pounds, something I haven’t seen since age 22 or thereabouts. I thank God every day, that for myself and my children I can now get up off the couch and do something with myself. And for myself. I thank AdvoCare for the products. And I thank my friends and customers for the support. A body is truly a terrible thing to waste. I really, really hope that you will share my AdvoCare story with anyone you know who is struggling. I want to be a difference maker. I want to help.

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