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AdvoCare Crave Check

August 7, 2007


  • Suppresses cravings and appetite*

In today’s normal diet, sensible portion sizes are often ignored and nutrition gets overlooked. Without keeping our cravings in check, we eat too fast for our body to tell us we’ve had enough. Crave-Check supplement is a powerful aid in appetite control that contains a safe and effective form of fiber known as glucomannan. This amazing, natural fiber absorbs water and expands in your stomach, suppressing your cravings and giving you a feeling of fullness. The more you feel full, the less likely you are to overeat, decreasing your caloric intake and supporting healthy weight management.

120 Capsules Per Bottle

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AdvoCare Amplify AT

August 7, 2007

Amplify A.T.

  • Amplify your nutrition
  • Provides excellent support for skin

Looking for a way to amplify your nutrition? You’ve found it with Amplify A.T., a revolutionary formula that combines two potent and unique natural ingredients that will produce advanced nutritional benefits.* For anyone wanting to fight the aging process, Amplify A.T. can help by strengthening the immune system, maintaining normal-range blood pressure and cholesterol levels, help reduce eye strain, and provides excellent nutrition for joint health and mobility. It provides excellent support for skin, too, by revitalizing the appearance of skin, helping to reduce the formation of wrinkles and maintaining healthy skin tone.* For athletes it can help reduce muscle fatigue, promote improved hand/eye response and even aid in muscle recovery after a workout.*

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AdvoCare MNS Kits

August 7, 2007

Advocare MNS Kits represent the best overall solution for noticeable weight loss and energy.*

Each kit contains a 14-day supply of key products to start you on a well-rounded routine toward better health.*

1.  Choose your preferred Metabolic Nutrition System strip packs (Maximum Energy or Maximum Appetite Control) to set the stage for metabolic nutrition.

2. Start your day with a tasty Meal Replacement Shake (vanilla, chocolate and berry flavors) to receive a high-protein meal in this well-balanced, low-calorie shake that helps build your muscles, not your fat.

3.  Finally, add ADVOCARE SPARK Energy Drink (fruit punch, mandarin orange, cherry,  citrus and grape flavors) for the long-lasting energy and mental focus to keep you active and alert throughout the day.*

When combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, MNS Kits help jump-start your weight loss and get you on the right track for better health and wellness.* If you’re looking for the best way to incorporate core AdvoCare products into your life, you’ve found it with the MNS Kits.

AdvoCare Muscle Fuel

August 7, 2007

AdvoCare® Muscle Fuel, Fruit Punch

  • Energizes Muscles*
  • Maximizes Workout*

AdvoCare® Muscle Fuel pre-workout drink mix is a powerful, one-of-a-kind performance product that helps energize your muscles and maximize your workout.* This patent-pending proprietary drink mix supports your muscle’s metabolism so that you can work out harder and longer.* You’ll feel the difference with the enhanced physical performance and endurance during your workout, and you’ll notice the effects from better recovery and muscle gain after your workout.* Let the unique formulation of L-carnitine, creatine, L-arginine, D-ribose and 20 other nutrients take your conditioning to the next level.*

10 Servings Per Carton

Lose weight – As Seen on Oprah

August 7, 2007

It’s time to shed the pounds you keep promising yourself!

With HOODlA as featured on Oprah & 60 Minutes!

*Controls appetite
*Has no known side effects
*Boost energy & immune system

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Ways to Feel Better at Work

August 6, 2007

3 Ways To Feel Better At Work
Copyright (c) 2007 Deborah Brown-Volkman
Surpass Your Dreams, Inc.

How do you feel at work? Are you tired throughout the day?

Being tired and having low energy is common in the workplace. How
can it not be? You’ve probably been getting up early five days
or more per week for years. You probably get home late from work
and go to bed late. Getting eight hours of sleep at night may be
a strange concept for you. Being tired is the norm and no longer
the exception.

But, wouldn’t it be great if you could take a pill and feel
better magically? It is not going to happen. Plus, you wouldn’t
want to take this pill anyway, because over time it would make
you more tired than you are right now.

There is no mystery to feeling better at work. You take care of
yourself first and then you can take care of the demands that
have been placed on you. If you want it, and work at, you can
start to feel more energized at your job in a short period of

How? Follows These Three Steps Below.

1. Eat Better

When you are hungry, what do you reach for? Something quick? The
problem is “quick” doesn’t always equal “nutritious.” Cookies,
donuts, candy, and other tasty treats might feel good in the
moment, but you will end up feeling worse later in the day. Make
better food choices. Do this one meal at a time. Instead of
coffee and donuts for breakfast, have juice and egg whites.
Instead of a hamburger and french fries, have the burger without
the bun and with a salad on the side. Instead of chocolate as a
snack, reach for a piece of fruit which has natural sugar in it.
These small changes can have a big impact on how you feel.

2. Get Active

Do you move your body? Do you feel stiff sitting at your desk all
day? Getting active doesn’t always mean having to go to the gym.
You can take a walk at lunch. You can take the stairs instead of
the elevator. You can stretch at your desk. You can hand deliver
your inter office mail. As long as you are moving, you will feel
better. Your body will thank you.

3. Relieve Stress

Stress is a killer of energy. When you are wound up, your body
feels tighter. Your shoulders are up. Your body is stiff. Ten
minutes is all you need to make a difference. Get up from your
desk and walk around. Visit a co-worker. Take a break for lunch.
Go outside and get some sun. Stress is a normal part of your
workday, but it doesn’t have to get the best of you.

Poor eating habits, lack of physical activity, stress, and
overwork are key factors that contribute to your tiredness and
lethargy during the day. If you are feeling tired, know that you
can turn your energy level around if you want to.

So, what do you say? You only have one life to live, so it might
as well be a life you love!

Deborah Brown-Volkman is the President of Surpass Your
Dreams, Inc. a successful career, life, and mentor coaching
company that works with Senior Executives, Vice Presidents,
and Managers who are looking for new career opportunities or
seek to become more productive in their current role. She
is the author of “Coach Yourself To A New Career” and “How
To Feel Great At Work Everyday.” Deborah can be reached at or at (631) 874-2877.

Don’t forget the power of Spark!


August 4, 2007

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August 4, 2007

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Selecting the Proper Weight Loss Program for You

August 2, 2007

A good weight loss program should teach their clients how to permanently alter unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle factors. Factors such as no or very little physical activity may actually be the biggest contributor to your weight gain. The program should also address your personal food likes and dislikes.

Find out if there is access to a staff which contains input from qualified counselors and health professionals such as nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, and fitness specialists. Prior to starting a weight loss program, it is always a good idea to check with your physician. Be sure to mention your weight loss goals and any ramifications they may have with the program and current medications.

It is always the best to find programs which provide long term strategies for dealing with weight control. These strategies should address issues like how to deal with the times you feel stressed and want to slip back into your old eating habits. Bear in mind that this may very well include items like gathering up a support system and establishing a solid dependable exercise routine.

When starting a weight loss program, you should understand why unwanted pounds are so much harder to lose than gain. Your focus should also be more on your health rather than the loss of weight. And before you start your weight loss plan; be very clear and positive about your weight loss goal. Make sure your goal is not only doable and realistic; it should be one that you can stick with until you reach that goal.

Keep in mind that there are many different ways to lose weight. You can choose to lose water weight, lose muscle weight, or you can choose to lose body fat. Losing water weight is considered to be the easiest of the three, but it does come at a price. If you reduce your water intake, this will obviously lead to dehydration. This is certainly not a very healthy way to lose a few pounds, and worse yet, when you re-hydrate yourself again, the weight will most likely be regained.

If you reduce your caloric intake too quickly or by too much, your body will respond by slowing down your metabolism. And when your metabolism slows down, your body will try to steal vital energy from your muscle tissue because you then stop losing fat. In this case, you are losing muscle mass instead of fat.

C.S.Cox has published many ebooks and websites for various services and products. If you found this article interesting and helpful, find out more at http://weight–

AdvoCare helps fuel Storm’s record breaking winning streak

August 2, 2007

AdvoCare helps fuel Storm’s record-breaking winning streak

Sioux Falls Storm wins 31st consecutive game

The Sioux Falls Storm of the United Indoor Football Association won their 31st consecutive game on Saturday, with a pro football record-breaking 56-20 victory over the Ohio Valley Greyhounds. Todd Tryon, Wide Receiver, Strength and Conditioning, and Assistant Special Teams Coach for The Storms, credits AdvoCare products with giving his players a competitive edge.

“The Sioux Falls Storm builds champions on and off the field by displaying excellence in every which way. AdvoCare builds champions on and off the field by displaying excellence in every which way,” Tryon said. “The two are a perfect fit. World-class products for a world-class organization.”

The Storm’s coaches and players regularly use MNS® Max Energy, Nighttime Recovery, Muscle Fuel™ and Catalyst™. Spark™, 02Gold™, Rehydrate and Post-Workout Recovery ranked as the most popular products taken in combination with an aggressive training regimen.

AdvoCare celebrates the recent victory of our Sioux Falls Storm Distributors:

Kent Vucurevich, Owner
Colin Steen, President and General Manager
Kurtiss Riggs, Head Coach
Mike Aldrich, Defensive Coordinator
Donnie Hilsenroth, Special Teams and Linebacker Coach
Wayner Huber, Team Chiropractor
John Semchenko, On-line Coach
Norm Stone, Athletic Trainer
Todd Tryon, Wide Receiver, Strength and Conditioning, and Assistant Special
Teams Coach
Richard Wirkus, On-line Coach
Nate Fluit, Defensive End
Paul Keizer, Offensive Lineman
Justin Landis, Safety
Chris Pomerleau, Quarterback and Wide Receiver
Shannon Poppinga, Defensive Back and Wide Receiver
Nate Scheuer, Offensive Lineman