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Wow! hCG and AdvoCare!

July 16, 2009

I know, I was really excited when I posted last week.  Then I got quiet.  But that’s because I’ve been busy posting on all my email groups about my success and my excitement!

The combination of hCG and my AdvoCare products has been too cool.  I’m am down to 205 this AM.  I was 217 when I started and dropped 12 pounds in two days.  Then I cheated all weekend and gained a couple of pounds back.  But things have evened out.  Its Wednesday night.  By Sunday I will weight less than 200 pounds for the first time in 17 years.  That is totally something to cheer about.  

Check this out!!!!! Tonight I was out with my two daughters.  We’d been at the barn for hours hauling water because the well pump burned out.  Long story.  But I was hot, and tired, and dirty.  And pretty darn wet.  We were pumping gas at one of those little stations on the side of the road.  Some guy hollered out his window and whistled at me.  Not normally what people get excited about.  But, that hasn’t happened since I was a teenager!

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AdvoCare Founding Partner for Women’s Professional Soccer

April 18, 2009

AdvoCare is proud to be a Founding Partner for
Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS), as well as providing Rehydrate as the official isotonic beverage.

WPS is the highest ranked women’s professional soccer league in North America. Formed in September 2007 thanks to the efforts of the Women’s Soccer Initiative, Inc., WPS, consists
of seven teams across the country.

The markets for the 2009 season are Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey/New York, St. Louis and Washington, D.C.

The inaugural season kicked off March 29, 2009.

Click here to learn more about the WPS

Fox Soccer Channel will broadcast a game each week with the “WPS Sundays on FSC” airing every Sunday April through August with the WPS Playoffs on Fox Sports Net.

Check out the games to see endorser Carli Lloyd and the AdvoCare name on stadium boards, towels, water bottles and more!

My AdvoCare Weight Loss Story

April 16, 2009

I wanted to share just a little bit about my AdvoCare weight loss story with you all, my wonderful customers and friends and readers. I know we all turn to AdvoCare for different needs. But for those of you interested in losing weight and or gaining muscle, I think you’ll enjoy this story.

When I found AdvoCare I weighed about 280 pounds. As a 5’7″ female, that was grossly overweight. As a result of my weight, I didn’t have enough energy. But I wasn’t concerned with losing weight, I just wanted to drink Spark, because it helped me have enough energy to get through my day. I was drinking 1-2 Sparks a day, and began to lose a little weight. Not more really than just enough to see on the scales. It wasn’t like I was out buying a whole new wardrobe. Then AdvoCare released a product called Thermoplus, which was designed to increase your metabolism, but the distributors who test marketed eat said it was like a supplemental energy product. So I ordered a bottle of Thermoplus with my next Spark order. And the weight started to come off a little bit faster.

Mind you, I spent 12+ hours per day in front of a computer, so it wasn’t like I was power training or anything.

Then I went to Success School a few years ago. At Success School I began to be educated about the whole family of products and the numerous ways that I could improve my health and my life just by incorporating them into my daily life. I started to see the vision of people who had lost weight. A LOT of weight. I thought I could maybe be one of those people some day. I started using the MNS 14 day weight loss packs which included my vitamins, meal replacement shakes, and of course Spark. In addition to that I utilized the Thermoplus. And I began to add a few products from the wellness line and the performance elite line. Joint Promotion relieved a lifelong ache in my knees and my ankles so that I was able to get up from in front of the computer and off the couch to get a little exercise. And we are talking a very little. My initial goal was to walk from my house to the stop sign and back. That was two tenths of a mile each way. And it was hard at first. The reason I set the stop sign as my goal, is that portion of the road is a simple incline and decline. At the stop sign either way I turned I had to go up and down steeper hills.

I also began to take Muscle Gain before any times that I was going to exercise and Night Time Recovery any time that I pushed my body farther than I thought it could go and was worried that I would be sore the next day. For example, I got mad at a tree in my yard that was shading my day lilly bed and preventing the flowers from blooming. I thought about taking that tree down for weeks! Finally I did – with a hack saw! Crazy approach, I know. But a real sign of how AdvoCare was changing my life.

At nearly 38 years of age, I also added in AdvoCare’s Fem 20 vitamin supplement and Amplify A.T. an energy boosting supplement. I probably waited too late in life for Fem 20, but couldn’t bring myself to switch to Fem 40+. Now that I am 40, I am still struggling. I do take the CorePlex supplement, anytime that I’m not using my MNS strips or complete kit. Amplify AT on the other hand was like putting my Spark on hyper-drive. My energy was longer sustained, and I felt like getting out and moving around. In fact so much so, that I took up horseback riding again after a ten year hiatus.

And I didn’t just start riding, I joined a mounted drill team and with my AdvoCare income, purchased two un-broke horses to train. Today, my core product line includes a supplement, Spark, and Amplify AT. I do like AdvoCare’s adaptogen product, A-Supreme, but because it has to be refrigerated and my lifestyle has become more active, I have a harder time incorporating that into my life. Flast forward to 2009. I had my first spark on a camping trip nearly six years ago and weighed nearly 280 pounds.

Today I still drink Spark every day. But I weigh 206 pounds! Its been a very slow and steady process for me, but I am well on my way to being below 200 pounds, something I haven’t seen since age 22 or thereabouts. I thank God every day, that for myself and my children I can now get up off the couch and do something with myself. And for myself. I thank AdvoCare for the products. And I thank my friends and customers for the support. A body is truly a terrible thing to waste. I really, really hope that you will share my AdvoCare story with anyone you know who is struggling. I want to be a difference maker. I want to help.

If you dream of being a difference maker, too, check out

Shannan Hearne


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5 Tips for New Year’s Fitness

January 15, 2009

 It’s that time of year again and many people are attempting to get on the fitness bandwagon.  Honestly, I’ve never truly understood the whole fitness resolution thing.  Maybe it’s guilt from all the parties, lack of activity or just plain old weight gain from the last month to month and a half.  The purpose of this article is to get you thinking about fitness as more of a permanent change.  Otherwise, the gains you’ve made, if any, will all go away once you stop and you’ll end up more disheveled.  To get you going, here are my 5 steps to New Year’s success:

The Big 5

1.  Start Gradual – This doesn’t mean only going once or twice a month, but it definitely doesn’t mean training every day.  This will inevitably lead to burnout and progress probably won’t come as quickly as you might think.  I know, I know, you’ve been watching The Biggest Loser on TV.  My feeling is those people are put into an abnormal situation and a large percentage will probably go back to where they started before or worse.  I still can’t believe they haven’t had a contestant hospitalized with some of the methods they use (the hate mail begins).

2.  Cover All Your Bases – Along those same lines, you must address every area of importance as it relates to your health and fitness goal(s).  This means addressing your weight training needs, cardiovascular (ESD) training and nutrition.  Many people that have made exercising a habit have only part of this equation.  This is the big reason why they’ve stagnated.  Get started with the right formula and you’ll be better off.

3.  Get Support – Not everyone can achieve his/her goals without having a good support structure.  This means having a supportive spouse, friend, colleague, etc. to help you along the way.  By the way, this doesn’t necessarily mean they give you advice on what to do – leave that to the Professionals.

4.  Be Consistent – Without doing anything with some kind of consistency, you’ll only get so far.  This is absolutely true with fitness.  We call it the SAID (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) principle.  If you don’t weight train regularly, for example, your body has no excuse to keep what you’ve worked so hard to produce. 

5.  Get Help – This could be hiring a Personal Trainer, going to group fitness classes, bootcamps etc.  Having a professional to help you along the way has been shown to produce faster results and improve compliance.  Some research has shown a 30% increase in effort just by hiring a Coach – typically means faster results.  By the way, this was just having someone there to supervise the workout and not actually coach.  Imagine the type of progress with someone who coached you up and had great program design skills.


I hope this helps you get started on the right track to better health and performance.  Most New Year’s Resolution people quite shortly after starting and I don’t want that to be you.  Make fitness a permanent lifestyle change and you’ll continue to see the rewards. 

Remember, you can always trust to offer the best in products for your health and fitness.

July Product Spotlight – Muscle Gain

July 13, 2008


With Muscle Gain, you get a superior source of high-grade protein without excessive calories, fats or carbohydrates.

What is Muscle Gain?
Muscle Gain is a great-tasting protein shake available in Vanilla and Chocolate. It provides a metabolically balanced protein blend to feed your muscles the amino acids and other components that are paramount to muscle building.

Why Muscle Gain?
Muscle Gain offers 25 grams of high-grade hydrolyzed protein with only 135 calories. It also includes digestive enzymes (papin and bromelain) that help facilitate protein digestion. Not only are you getting a product with superior protein to support lean muscle, you also receive the components to help your body appreciate this product at an optimal level.

Who needs Muscle Gain?
• Anyone wanting to add lean muscle
• Anyone looking for a good source of protein without excessive calories
• People needing to consume protein through supplementation
• Athletes looking to train with only high-quality protein supplementation

What are the benefits?
• Has 25 grams of high-grade, easily digestible protein per serving
• Offers nutritional support for increased muscle mass
• Enhances physical performance and endurance
• Supports enzyme production and muscle metabolic processes
• Helps maintain and restore energy supplies during and after physical activity Special offer!  Purchase 2 containers of muscle gain and get a third for just $10!

38 Days to Wow

May 6, 2008


Herbal Cleanse
and BREAKFAST: Meal replacement shakes 
NEXT 28 days. .. STEP 2
2 MNS kits  contains, vit’s, shakes and spark
3 boxes of bars. meal replacement, fruit and fiber, breakfast bar
1 Catalyst
1 Thermoplus
1 bottle of pro-biotic restore
 8 live changing habits.
provided by me via email. and webinar!
you may do this as a group or individually
We will talk via phone, email or at a meeting, every two weeks.
The plan is customized for the specific products you need but that is the basics.

Weight Loss Maintenance Tips

March 12, 2008
While reading Fit-Pro, I came across a neat and useful list of tools to help us maintain the weight loss that we’ve set in motion through AdvoCare.
1.  Quality of intake – eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, low fat and no-fat dairy.
2.  Low variety of calorically dense food – the calories per ounce, the less of the food you should consume.
3.  Face to face accountability – everyone needs weightloss and wellness partners.  I’ve found mine at where I’ve become a coach.  You can too.
4.  Low variety of all food groups – its been proven that eating the same sort and kind of foods makes calorie counting easier.  Yes, its true, even when we reach our goal weights we will still have to watch our calories.
5.  Low television viewing – too often sedenatary veiwing is associated with mindless eating.  Hey, my mother didn’t call it the idiot box for nothing.
6.  Daily weighing – stay on top of the changes in your body and your weight so that you can catch them quickly.
7.  Greater weight loss – We have found that the more you lose the more likely you are to keep it off.  Look at Jared.
8.  Physically active lifestyle – the more actively you live the more likely you are to maintain your weight loss.  For someone like me who works behind a computer, this is a real challenge.  I’ve “hired” my children to make sure I get out and walk or play or do a work out each day.  Believe me, they are slave drivers.
9.  Eating breakfast – You have to start your metabolism each day.  For those of us who have reached a certain age, this gets harder and harder to do.  I’ve found AdvoCare’s Thermoplus to be a very powerful tool in keeping my metabolism up.  But beware, increased metabolism can lead to increased food consumption unless you are on guard at all times.
10.  Regular meal rhythm – Missing meals leads to overeating when we do eat.  So maybe those meals on the run aren’t such a bad thing after all.  I keep meal replacement bars and shakes in my desk at work just in case I don’t have time to eat or forget to bring my lunch.
11.  Control of overeating – Pay attention to each bite, eat slowly, and eat without major distractions so that you know when you are full and stop eating accordingly.
12.  Internal Motivation to lose weight – Remember why you chose to lose the weight, and that it was your decision not anyone else’s.  Keep the faith, keep motivated.
13.  Social support – Friends who stood by you when you said no to ice cream sundaes and refrained from drinking triple dutch latte supremes in front of you are still the one’s who support you in your weight loss maintenance.
14.  Ability to handle stress – Stress leads to weight gain.  Inability to handle stress leads to weight gain.  So unless your life became stress free as a result of your weight loss, maintain those stress handling tools to keep your waistline in tact.
15.  Low daily screen time – When you are in front of the screen you are probably not moving and very likely eating.  This isn’t limited to the tv, include computer, video game, portable telephone, movie screens, etc.  If you must imbibe in the electronic thrill factor, better put a sationary bike in front of that tv or keyboard.
16.  Meeting public health recommendatins regarding physical activity – Current recommendations are five days a week of moderate activity or three days of vigorous activity and two days of weight training.
17.  Monitored intake of food – Whether you count calories or servings or measure portion sizes or eat commercial prepared meals with certain calorie intakes, this is a sure fire way to maintain weight loss.
18.  Monitored intake of fat – Fat gram for gram has more than twice as many calories as carbohydrates or proteins.
19.  Physically active for more than one hour per day – What?  More than my 10 Minute Trainer from Million Dollar Body or my 40 minute Callenetics work out?  Perish the thought!  Its true, though.  Exercise that lasts longer than 60 minutes goes from shaping muscle to burning fat and after all which are we more concerned with?  The key to doing this successfully is finding exercise that you really enjoy.  Whether its walking, riding a bicycle, riding a horse, or working in the yard, find something that you look forward to doing.
20.  Low calore intake – Here is where a healthy meal plan really comes into play.  Consider how many calories is the right amount for your body and your level of exercise and plan accordingly.  Just like when you were losing weight, too many calories equates to weight gain.
21.  Consistent eating patterns across weekdays and weekends – Spread your calories out evenly throughout the week.  If you are snacking on apples and carrots all week at your desk, don’t switch to candy bars and twinkies on the weekends.  This is where I find AdvoCare’s snack bars to be a real help.  They taste a lot like a Snickers bar, with more protein and less fat and calories.
22.  Low levels of depression – Depression like stress leads to overeating and weight gain.  Don’t let it sabotage your weight loss now.  Granted, losing weight in itself isn’t anything to be depressed about.  But perhaps the things that lead to your initial weight gain are still factors in your life that need to be addressed?
23.  Medicla trigger for weight loss – If your weight loss was triggered by a medically significant occurrance, you are more likely to keep the weight off.
24.  Eating similar amounts of dense foods – Avoid energy dense nutrient diluted foods, they lead to weight gain.
25.  Smaller portions of high energy dense foods – Its okay to eat whatever you want, but you have to guard against overdoing the portion size.  Don’t deprive yourself of what you wan to eat.  But do so in moderation.
To your health and your successful weight loss!